Willy Wonka Story

wonka-name-websiteMy father’s name is  William, his mother  was very poor, lived in NJ in low income housing, her family however was not, all very wealthy from owning candy factories in NYC. So big that my nephew found an invoice on ancestry for a candy order of 29,000 pounds of candy from over 80 years ago. She was the black sheep of the family I guess. I imagine my father received some help from that side of the family cause he raised 7 kids and sent us to private school. His mother, Frances, my grandmother,  wrote a story and sent it to Disney years ago. Shamus Culhane was the cartoonist for Betty Boop and I believe Woody Woodpecker, not sure if he is family, nevertheless she received $35. dollars for the draft, that was probably big money back 80-90 years ago. Not a shred of proof of a copy of the check. (no xerox machines back then) The nougat filling found in candy bars like Three Musketeers was invented by a Culhane and that patent sold to Mars Candy. The man that stole the story is well known for plagiarizing in his career and the names in the script like Josephine and Charlie are my great aunt and uncle. My old man is Willy Wonka.

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