About me

Nearly retired locksmith with a passion for straight pool, sailing and riding around the country.

After a 20 year layoff from the game, I was offered an entry into the World Straight Pool Championship as an alternate in 2008.
In 2013, I won a qualifier earning me an entry into the world’s against 47 other players from around the world. In all, I’ve played in the World Straight Pool Championship for the last 9 years.
Other major events include The Joss Tour Turning Stone Classic in Verona, NY and the American Straight Pool Championship held in Virginia. The Derby City Classic Nine Ball, Banks and One Pocket Tourneys and the US Open Nine Ball Tournament in Virginia. Predator Tour run by the nicest man in the game Tony Robles and two year champion in the NYC Tri-State Tour along with the Mezz Tour held by Mr. Jose Burgos.

High run: 127 balls

Guest commentator for World Straight Pool 14.1 Tournament, the US Open 9 Ball Tournament and local events with Accu-Stats and AZ Billiards.

I’ve discovered a breakthrough in pool – over the past 12 months, I have discovered a technique that takes Stan Shuffett’s Pro-One Center To Edge Aiming System to a new level and has been receiving attention and raising some eyebrows by some top professional players and champions. A light bulb lit up when at last years World Straight Pool Tournament I was sitting with famed author Phil Capelle and Bob Jewett as spectators and Bob stated ” I have yet to see an aiming system that covers the level of squirt/deflection when English is applied”… Well guess what?!!! I have the holy grail.. I am in awe of what I’ve discovered, and it gives an aim point for every level of English used.  I’m just unaware of the best way to market it right now.  I need to document this so I can lay claim to it, will more than likely involve a lawyer because I would hate to see someone steal it and take the credit. I think it is the biggest find in the history of the game.  To put this in more perspective, I learned the Pro-One Center To Edge system from Phil Burford from England. Anyone teaching this system gets paid well for it. . The bonus is, on top of the CTE system, I’m giving you another level that will cover the deflection and give you exact aim points for every level of english.. That has NEVER been done before. If you see me on location, ie: pool room or near a pool table, and would like to learn it, the price is 50% off. Brandon Shuff is a top professional player and good friend and stated after seeing it “you’ve found something no one has ever found before”.  You will never fear inside english again and most players shy away from that. Fear sets in.

About the boat pictures, rode out to Sturgis, SD for August bike week then over to Laramie to see grandkids. Cameron and Quinn.. aka quigley, cam and my son Scott..then rode back to NJ, 4500 miles in bout 8 days. When I got back I got a message from the boat owner that he was back in the country and in Big Fork, Montana. These boats don’t come up for sale often and are snatched up quick, only thing holding this back a little was it was nowhere near salt water. I need it as a dinghy for my sailboat which I’ll be leaving on this year to the million places I haven’t seen yet. Next day got on the bike and rode back out to Laramie then up to Montana to pick up boat. On return to Laramie noticed every car taking my photograph and thought to put this website on back to see how many hits it will get.. social media is amazing.. please post any photos on facebook, I’m trying to see how far I can take this free media thing. thanks for visiting. The bike is a 2007 Harley Ultra Classic.. has a million miles give or take… don’t know but well over 100k..burns no oil, bought it new while in crutches from bad wreck in 2006, broken neck, lost kidney. 7 ribs, rod in femur, clamp in knee,tracheotomy,  coma for two months.. i’m back.

Have done commentaries with some great people involving some great matches.. Here’s one featuring one of the legends of the game Earl Strickland.. enjoy..  http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/39067603

Facebook: Ed Culhane

Available for private or group lessons upon request. Email powsmias@aol.com

For the best in billiards video, visit Accu-Stats

 Lambros Cues     The bitterness of  poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten.

6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Eddie
    I wanted to share your motor cycle and pudgy pics with my Facebook friends. But I can’t seem to find a link that shows them full sized. Can you help by emailing me a link


  2. Hi Eddie. I love all three also but no motorcycle. I sail a Cal 29 out of Fairport Harbor in Cleveland, Ohio area and shoot in a league. Not of your caliber but love the game. If your ever in Cleveland, look me up. Is that Lin and Larry Pardey from “Taleisin”. Read their book 30 years ago. Good luck with LaserLock. Ken


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